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Harry Potter expansion confirmed for Universal Orlando

Well, it's true. Universal Orlando finally confirmed what has been an open secret for months: It is building a second section of its blockbuster Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The massive show building for the new section has been under construction for months, but it took until now for the official announcement to be made.

The theme park isn't saying much beyond the fact it will open at Universal Studios in Orlando sometime in 2014 — don't know when, don't know exactly what aside from the fact the new area will be themed around Diagon Alley (where Boy Wizard does his wizardly shopping) and London. Rumors abound, many of which from sources which have proved reliable, but if you go by the fanciful concept art released by the park (here's a slide show at the Orlando Sentinel), it's going to be another doozy. It also looks like it will even be capped with a fire-breathing dragon statue.

Universal has confirmed that the spotlight ride will be based on the hair-raising cart chase through the vaults of Gringotts in London. What's also known is that the new park will be at Universal Studios, the sister park to Islands of Adventure, where the Hogsmeade Village section of Wizarding World has been stunning guests for a few years now.

That means there will be one Harry Potter land for each Universal theme park in Orlando, but the resort has not yet announced just how ticketing will work and whether guests must now buy tickets for both parks if they want to see all the Harry Potter attractions.

Expect the park to release more details in slow dribs and drabs for maximum punch.