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Have Joint, Will Travel....And Travel...And Travel

Though the election was a buzz kill for many, there was a silver lining for some: a growing haze of pot smoke.

California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine all legalized recreational marijuana, which led industry magazine Travel Weekly to wonder if this is now the golden age of "cannabis tourism"?

As the magazine noted, both Colorado and Washington State, which legalized bud several years ago, have thriving hotels and tours devoted to marijuana use. Now that biggies California and Nevada have joined the party (each get well over 40 million visitors a year), will they too create specialized tourist facilities for the enjoyment of drugs?

It's an open question. We may see more people scarfing down five lobster rolls in one sitting in Maine. Or standing around and giggling in Yosemite, on the Freedom Trail in Boston or in front of the slots of Sin City. But with so many states now legal, will folks still be traveling to puff? Or will this development have the opposite effect? After all, it can be hard to get off the couch, never mind get to an airport, when you've smoked several bowls....or so we've heard.