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Hawaii Simplifies Entry Requirements for Omicron | Frommer's Aspects and Angles / Shutterstock

Hawaii Simplifies Entry Requirements for Omicron

As of this week, visitors to Hawaii no longer have to fill out a pre-arrival questionnaire.

Border officials will still ask asking visiting U.S. citizens for a recent negative NAAT or antigen test through one of the state's Trusted Testing Partners

For vaccinated travelers (proof is required), tests must be taken no more than three days before boarding flights. For unvaccinated travelers, each test must be no older than 24 hours hours before the flight's boarding time. 

Non-U.S. citizens must present both proof of vaccination and negative test results no older than three days before boarding time.

Because of the pressure the current Omicron surge has placed on medical facilities, it's not always easy to find a test. 

However, in another shift, arrivals to Hawaii who cannot meet the paperwork requirements and who will therefore be required to quarantine must now isolate for five days instead of 10. 

Tourists who can prove they are fully vaccinated or who furnish recent negative Covid-19 test results do not have to quarantine in Hawaii.

"We are adopting the CDC recommendations as one part of our effort to blunt the current very rapid spread of the Omicron variant. These guidelines are practical to implement, making it easier for people to do the right thing," state epidemiologist Sarah Kemble said in a statement on December 29. "We should all anticipate that guidance may continue to evolve in the coming weeks as we learn more."

The state's fully updated entry guidelines have been posted on the official tourism site,

In addition, some local governments in Hawaii are instituting tighter guidelines for visiting area businesses, updating the definition of full vaccination to include booster shots.

Starting Saturday, January 8, in Maui County (pictured above), patrons who wish to go indoors at bars and restaurants must now provide proof that they have received a booster shot against Covid-19. Outdoor dining on Maui remains unrestricted.