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HopStop Stops for Good

One of the greats is gone. I feel like I've lost a friend.

No, I have lost a friend.

Because unlike college buddies and work colleagues, Hopstop—the superb public transportation mapping service—never steered me wrong.

Unfortunately, the app and website were bought by Apple in 2013, and in its great corporate wisdom, the massive company has decided to pull the plug on the little-map-that-could. The technology is being incorporated into Apple Maps. Those who don't use Apple....well, they're being left to wander the world unguided. Or use Citymapper, a site/app that's almost as good as Hopstop, if not quite as intuitive to use.

I wonder what will happen to the space on my Iphone where the HopStop app now lives? Will there be a small implosion, with drops of digital blood pouring down the screen? Or will I have to, very sadly, remove the darn thing myself?

Curse you, Apple!