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Hotel on Skis Debuts in Finland for Northern Lights Viewing | Frommer's Kilpissafarit

Hotel on Skis Debuts in Finland for Northern Lights Viewing

A novel way of experiencing the Northern Lights has come to Finland. 

The new Aurora Wilderness Camp, located near the village of Kilpisjärvi, is comprised of three mobile cabins that have been mounted on skis so that they can be dragged into the remote reaches of the country's Lapland region. And because each unit has a glass roof, guests have a good chance of spotting the Northern Lights from the comfort of their beds. 

Available from adventure tour company Off the Map Travel, the overnight experience includes transportation to camp via snowmobile as well as provisions for dinner and breakfast and the use of snowshoes and kicksleds for those who insist on stepping outdoors. 

Each cabin is big enough for two guests and comes with a bed, table, dry toilet, gas heater, and gas stove. Rates start around £1,500 (US$2,000) per person. In addition to the night at Aurora Wilderness Camp, that price covers all meals, two more nights at a nearby chalet, and transfers to the airport in Tromsø, Norway. Airfare must be purchased separately.

So the experience isn't cheap. But at least the odds are in your favor of getting a glimpse of swirling greens and purples in the sky. According to Off the Map Travel's website, "the Kilpisjärvi area has more clear night skies and records more Northern Lights activity than any other place in Finland."

Since the ski-mounted cabins are only available for bookings through the middle of April, it's probably too late to plan a trip for this year. But they'll reopen in January 2019.