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Huge New Sculpture Planned for New York City

Rendering for "Vessel," a monumental sculpture planned for New York City (image: designboom/Twitter)

Yesterday the plans were unveiled for a new 150-foot, $150-million sculpture that will stand amid a cluster of skyscrapers being built near the Hudson River in Manhattan.   

Designed by British artist Thomas Heatherwick and dubbed "Vessel," the concrete and steel structure looks something like an inverted honeycomb. Or maybe Iron Man's facemask?

In any case, the thing will be climbable, thanks to a latticework of 154 interconnected flights of stairs and 80 platforms. The site's delevoper thinks it could be New York City's Eiifel Tower. (Do the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, or Ghostbusters firehouse not count?)

Construction on the project, located near the popular High Line elevated park, is expected to be finished in 2018.