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Hurry! Everything in Canada is 25% Off!

On Tuesday, August 4, the Canadian dollar cratered, suffering its lowest value in 11 years. The loonie, which a few years ago had parity with the U.S. dollar, is now worth only 76¢. (It's not doing so well against the British pound, either.)

That's right: Things haven't been cheaper in Canada since 2004.

That means that this summer—right this very minute—is the best time to visit Canada in many, many years. And Canada is not likely to be a better deal for a while.

Nothing wrong with Canada in our view, by the way. We love it as much as we ever did. It's the bankers who have docked it points, not us.

Anyway, if you were dreaming of visiting Quebec City, or Montréal, or Toronto, or Vancouver, or Banff, or the countless other breathtaking reasons to visit Canada, this is your moment.

No sense putting it off a minute more.