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Icelandair Makes Viral Video to Remind You About Free Stopovers

Budget travelers have long known about Icelandair's competitive deals on airfare to Europe, but the general public could use the good news. If you're willing to make a pit stop in Reykjavik before carrying on across the ocean, you can usually score some terrific deals on transatlantic airfare. 

The comparatively lower airfare is only half the benefit, though. Ordinarily, a layover can be a real bummer, especially if you're marooned in a terrible airport like Frankfurt's or Paris' Charles de Gaulle, but Iceland is such a tiny and easily navigable place that a stop can offer some wondrous opportunities.

To lure tourists to take a chance and spend a little time in its home country on their way to or from Europe, Icelandair doesn't charge extra for the right to get off the plane, leave the airport, and continue your journey later on. Adding a break among the waterfalls and thermal pools of Iceland is like getting two airfares in one. 

To make more travelers aware that its free-stopover possibility exists, the airline produced this quick video in which an adorable traveler from Seattle named Kat is flash mobbed by a gaggle of friendly Icelanders eager to show her around their pretty volcanic country for 48 hours.

Of course she chose the hot chef who looks like Thor. Wouldn't you?