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Innovative Wheeled Luggage You Push Instead of Pull

Having cornered the market on fancy baby buggies, Bugaboo has turned its attention to wheeled luggage.

The Dutch company's new creation, the Boxer, is a four-wheeled trolley onto which a combination of suitcases can be clicked for convenient toting around airports and hotel lobbies.

But that's not the innovative part. Because the trolley tilts in a way that distributes the luggage's weight over the wheels, the Boxer can be effortlessly pushed instead of pulled. The design is supposed to accommodate propelling the thing forward with just one hand, even when it's fully loaded. Like so:


(photo: @bugaboohq, via Instagram) 

After a test run, CNN thinks the Boxer could be the next big thing at airports, calling it "a breeze to move around."

The price is a little on the heavy side, though. A complete set, including a hardshell check-in bag, a carry-on, and a laptop organizer, costs about $1,500.