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Interactive Underwater Artwork Off Southern California Coast

Artist's rendering of an underwater sculpture by Doug Aitken (image: lebasseprojects/Instagram)

As part of "Electric Earth," Doug Aitken's exhibit this fall at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the artist has built three enormous "Underwater Pavilions" off the coast of Southern California's Catalina Island.

Made of mirror and stone, the kaleidoscopic structures are moored to the seabed at depths of 5, 10, and 50 feet, so that divers of all abilities can take a gander. A floating platform will let you see the glittery work from above the surface; the pavilions should be especially striking at night, when they'll be illuminated. 

The whole thing is fish- and ocean-friendly. In fact, Aitken says part of the purpose of the project is to raise awareness for marine conservation efforts. 

Swimming through the sculpture is free; it's scheduled to be around for three months.