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Landing at LAX this Month? Look for the 407-Foot-Wide Vinyl Record

Now that you may finally use your smartphone camera on flights, let the marketing stunts begin!

All through January, the Forum, a 45-year-old, circular concert venue about four miles east of the northern runway of Los Angeles' LAX, will be capped by a 407-foot-wide vinyl record of Eagles' "Hotel California."

That translates to 5.7 acres of faux record designed to attract the attention of window-seat occupants in the final seconds of their approach to the airport.

Yes, it slowly spins at 17 miles per hour even though there's not a needle and it's not really grooved. The point is the publicity, since the Forum just got a renovation and the storied band is playing gigs there this month.

Whenever something like this is commissioned, two reactions are rational. You can be impressed, of course, but you can also feel a little bit uncomfortable that money is being spent on stuff like this when there are so many other pressing needs.

And if you're under 30, a third reaction might also be expected: "What's a record?"