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Maine Might Be Closed to Out-Of-State Visitors This Summer | Frommer's Peter Rintels/Flickr

Maine Might Be Closed to Out-Of-State Visitors This Summer

On Tuesday, Maine's governor, Janet Mills, announced a phased reopening plan that has many in the tourist industry up in arms.

While some businesses will reopen in May, and hotels and campgrounds will be allowed to reopen in June, the required 14-day quarantine for out-of-state visitors will remain in place until August.

"[The quarantine requirement] has the potential not only to kill off the tourist season, but also to close a bunch of small hotels and restaurants and the jobs that come with them,” Steve Hewins, president and CEO of HospitalityMaine, told the Portland Press Herald. “Why would anybody come to Maine and sit in a hotel room for 14 days? It just doesn’t measure up.”

Tourism is Maine's largest industry, accounting for about 10% of the jobs in the state.

It is possible that the state will change its quarantining requirements.

Phase Three of the plan, which is projected to take effect in July and August, covers "lodging, such as hotels, campgrounds, summer camps, or RV parks for Maine residents and visitors." According to the governor's announcement, "the Administration is developing guidelines to assist [those businesses] in safely reopening, and reservations should not be taken until those guidelines are issued."

We guess that means "stay tuned."