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New Booking Site for Clothing-Optional Stays | Frommer's Roger Green (CC-BY-SA-4.0) / Wikimedia Commons

New Booking Site for Clothing-Optional Stays

We're strong believers in packing light—all that luggage will only slow you down—but the champions in that department have got to be those who are fond of vacationing in the nude. After all, once they reach their destinations, they don't need much more than towels and sunscreen (take that, airline baggage fees!).

Those carefree and, we assume, frequently chilly travelers now have a new online resource for finding clothing-optional accommodations.

NaturistBnB is a (mildly NSFW) Airbnb-like site where users can search for and book an array of nudist-friendly vacation lodgings—from private homes and inns to tents and treehouses (watch out for splinters)—in locations around the world, including beaches in Italy and Mexico as well as urban centers such as London and New York. We don't want to cramp your style, but you might want to put on at least some sweatpants if you're going to ride the subway.

The website was launched by naturist couple Petri and Minna Karjalainen, who told CNN Travel they got the idea for the business after their own disappointing experiences both searching for and hosting clothing-optional homestays. Sensing a niche market opportunity, they started NaturistBnB earlier this year to make au naturel stays easier to find and, for those with properties to rent, easier to advertise.

Visit NaturistBnB's website to browse the inventory, book a stay, and, if you're a nudist newbie, read up on etiquette basics, which can be boiled down to these two overarching rules: 1.) Don't be creepy and 2.) No really, don't be creepy.