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On Saturday: National Public Lands Day and Smithsonian's African American Museum Opening

Tomorrow is the last Saturday of September, which means it's National Public Lands Day in the United States. Admission to all federally controlled parks, forests, and monuments—and at many state parks, too—will be free, allowing you to enjoy the national treasures being held in your name.

To show your appreciation, you can volunteer for a variety of service projects being held at sites across the country. Visit the website of the National Environmental Education Foundation to find a project near you.

Also on Saturday, the Smithsonian's brand-new National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. will open to the public. Housed in a $540-million building next to the Washington Memorial, the facility contains nearly 4,000 artifacts divided into 11 galleries tracing the history of African Americans, from slavery through the Civil Rights Movement and into the present. Additionally, the collection celebrates African American contributions to sports, music, art, dance, theater, television, film, and the military. 

Check out our preview of the museum's highlights to see items such as a Tuskegee Institute biplane, stools from a desegregated lunch counter, Chuck Berry's Cadillac, and more. 

Admission to the museum is free—not just tomorrow, but always.