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Our Travel Podcasts This Week: Safaris and Nomads | Frommer's Larsek / Shutterstock

Our Travel Podcasts This Week: Safaris and Nomads

Listen to us anytime! Each week, Frommer's brings you two fresh podcasts stuffed with travel tips, news, and inspiration. Recordings are made from our weekly call-in show on WABC in New York and our nationally syndicated radio program.

First up, cohosts Pauline Frommer and Jason Cochran discuss some of their favorite animal-centric adventures, from going on safari to swimming with whale sharks. Listeners call in with questions about refunds, road trips, and Antarctic cruises.

The hosts also provide an overview of the stories you can read for travel insights and inspiration by visiting our homepage.

On the weekly show Pauline hosts with her father, company founder Arthur Frommer, guest Rolf Potts talks about long-term travel, the subject of his influential 2002 book, Vagabonding. Potts describes how he became a nomad and what that means in a time when we're all on lockdown.

Listeners interested in planning their own long-term trips when this is all over will want to heed the advice offered by Emily Gillespie, who recently contributed a Washington Post article about preparing for a yearlong journey.

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