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Paris Extends Shopping Hours in 12 Major Neighborhoods

Thanks to a recently passed bill, Parisian stores in such popular neighborhoods as the Marais, the Champs Elysees, and Montmartre will have the option to stay open on Sundays and up until midnight, a radical policy shift.

And a controversial one: the Mayor of Paris has spoken out against the new rules, which overturn a 1906 law keeping Sunday a "day of rest" for the majority of workers; and a number of unions are threatening strikes on October 15.

For tourists, though, this is wonderful news. With the Euro trading at $1.11 against the dollar, there hasn't been this tempting a time to load upon on Parisian fashions and goods in decades. And now, visitors won't have to choose between spending time at the city's extraordinary sights, and its superb stores (which used to share roughly the same hours).

Along with the areas listed above the Ile Saint-Louis, St. Germain, Les Halles and Saint-Honoré-Vendôme will also be open for business late, along with 5 other Parisian neighborhoods. The law goes into effect this fall, though individual stores may not shift their closing times for months to come, as many will have to hire more staff.