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Passenger Detained by FBI for Wearing a Speedo: Watch

Jerome Jarre is a celebrity of sorts. Some 7.5 million people follow his mini-videos on the app called Vine, where he has made a name by gallivanting around city streets doing wacky things in an effort to get people to smile—tickle a stranger here, kiss a stranger there.

Jarre, a French national who lives in the United States, has gained enough notice for his relentlessly goofy positive energy that he's been a guest on Ellen and he pulls in fat checks for providing endorsements for companies that want a piece of Vine's youth demographic.

But U.S. authorities—who apparently aren't up on youth-oriented social media moguls—weren't laughing when Jarre cheerfully paraded down the aisle of a flight from Mexico to Miami wearing a Speedo and a baby's inflatable ring that was shaped like a turtle. "Flights are boring," he explained.

Apparently, filming himself in that ludicrous condition was perceived as a federal threat (just where was he going to hide a weapon?) and upon the flight's scheduled landing, he was detained by 11 officials, interrogated, and threatened with deportation.

Yes, his behavior was infantile and pointless—but also harmless, and that's what makes it amusing and positive. 

Jarre and his cohorts captured the incident on tape so you can judge it for yourself.

What do you think? Was Jarre asking for trouble, or could our air travel system use a little more lighthearted levity? If you had been on that flight, would you have laughed or panicked?