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Perilous Glass Cliff Walk Opens in China

Terror has a new name: Zhangjiajie.


This destination in China’s Hunan province was previously known for its stunning mountains. But now, with this week’s opening of the “Coiling Dragon Cliff” skywalk, adrenaline is the main attraction.


The five-foot-wide glass walkway clings to a cliff on Tianmen Mountain, petrifying those who dare to amble along its 110 yard length with views of the perilous 984-foot (1,519 m) drop directly underfoot.


The vertiginous thrills don’t end there. Cable cars have recently been constructed to dangle visitors along a trip from the local railway station to the top of the mountain, and a glass-bottom bridge is under construction high above the Zhangjiajie National Forest, which surrounds the new skywalk.



So now, in addition to being famous for its dramatic mountains, Zhangjiajie may acquire new fame. It could very well be known as the pants-wetting capital of the world.