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Q-tips: The Weirdest Flat Stanley Ever

Among product promotions, this is one of the strangest.

Q-tip—yes, that thing you're not supposed to stick deep in your ears, but you do—has launched a campaign featuring the swabby stick in front of the world's most exotic locales. It's like a hygienic version of Flat Stanley.

Says the press release, as if it's an sentient object and not a toiletry product: "To date, Q-tips has [sic] danced in Rio De Janeiro, cruised around London on a double decker, and devoured delicious Belgian waffles in St Peters Abbey in Ghent. And the fun has just begun." 

Q-tips eating breakfast? Q-tips at the beach? Someone is getting paid to travel the world and hold Q-tips in front of a camera, and we're officially jealous.

We're also a little ashamed. When a sanitary item is better traveled than you are, it's time to re-evaluate your bucket list.

Follow the Q-tip's adventures this month—if that's your jam—on Twitter at @QTips.

Qtips in Ghent

Qtips in Rio

Qtips somewhere in London