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Qatar Airways Loaning Out Laptops for Free in Business Class

The Trump administration won't let airline passengers carry their own laptops onto flights from Qatar to the United States, so Qatar Airways has begun loaning out free laptops to every passenger in business class on those flights.

Qatar is one of eight Middle Eastern and North African countries subject to the ban, which the Department of Homeland Security began enforcing on March 25, vaguely citing efforts by terrorist groups to bring explosives onto planes by hiding them in electronics. The ban covers any such device bigger than a cell phone, including laptops, tablets, and cameras. The U.K. soon followed suit with a similar ban covering six countries (interestingly enough, Qatar isn't one of them).

Other airlines affected by the rule, such as Emirates, have adapted by letting passengers hold onto their devices until they reach the gate. But Qatar's PC-loaning program goes further, letting those in business class borrow a laptop for the duration of the flight and then upload material onto a USB.


The program is only for business class, though. If you're in economy, you're out of luck.