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Rare Michael Jackson Icons Move to Vegas

Michael Jackson may be gone, but he has found new live as a tourist attraction. The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas has convinced the estate of Michael Jackson to loan it some of its most important mementos to promote the Michael Jackson ONE show by Cirque du Soleil—its second Jackson-themed show, after its Immortal World Tour, to pack houses. 

The original, 10-foot-tall statue of the King of Pop that was created for the album cover of HIStory—you may remember it as the gunmetal grey monolith in which Jocko stands as stern and as strident as a Third World dictator—is the centerpiece for the new display. But you'll also see artifacts from his era-making moments for the early 1980s, including a pair of his loafers and sequin-bedazzled socks, and the same military-style red-and-gold jacket he was wearing when Thriller cleaned up at the American Music Awards in 1984.

The hotel says it will unveil one more item from the Jackson vault on August 27. All items are free to view.