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Safety Harness for Buckling Up Dogs on Car Trips

Your mental picture of a dog in a car likely involves a canine head sticking out of a passenger window—jowls flapping, tongue lolling, and drool flying. 

But in the event of a sudden stop or auto accident, an unrestrained pet is in as much danger as a human rider not wearing a seat belt. 

One solution is to keep the animal in a travel crate. But members of the four-legged community are liable to find that setup a drag, especially on long road trips.

That's why pet-gear makers Ruffwear have come up with a sturdy new harness that goes onto your dog then clicks into any seat belt via one secure loop in the back. 

The crash-tested harness is heavily padded to keep dogs comfortable, has strong metal hardware for safety's sake, and can be adjusted with straps to fit dogs from 13 to 42 inches in girth.

Once loaded in, dogs can sit or lie down while wearing the harness, remaining securely buckled in the whole time. The Ruffwear Load Up Harness comes in five sizes and costs $79.95.

The video below shows you how to put it on your dog and into your car.