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Samantha Brown Just Made Some Terrific New Study Guides  | Frommer's Samantha Brown

Samantha Brown Just Made Some Terrific New Study Guides

Travel television star and all-around lovely person Samantha Brown is schooling her kids at home right now, like so many of us.

So she gets it. She knows that 23 minutes off-duty time can be an incredible gift when you're not only your kids' parent, but also the teacher, the companion, the cook, the cleaner, and the candlestick maker. Or whatever the contemporary equivalent is.

To help out, Sam has created study guides for episodes of her PBS television show Places to Love.

Instead of video games or an animated movie they've seen 30 times already, show the youngsters these sneakily educational but always fun-to-watch shows on the Rhine River; Xian, China; Bern, Switzerland; and Sonoma County, California.


More study guides are on the way, but the ones already posted are pretty nifty.

Each has a fun quiz so you can see what geography lessons your kids gleaned from the show. Other activities include art projects inspired by the episode's destination.

There are different guides for grade school and high school students.

To find shows and free study guides, click here.