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SeaWorld Enters an Alternate Reality

SeaWorld Orlando is breathing new life into its oldest roller coaster by adding virtual reality.
The Orlando Sentinel reports that starting next year on its steel Kraken coaster, riders will have the option to put on video goggles that will be attached to the cars. The eyewear will broadcast an animated undersea virtual-reality adventure that will be timed to match the physical sensations of the ride.
The park says it will sanitize goggles between rides, but it's not clear how that will be done or how much time that process might add to waits. 
Kraken, a floorless coaster that plunges 150 feet and takes two minutes to ride, once attracted crowds who waited more than an hour for it, but in recent years, as newer and more innovative coasters were constructed in the park, it has rarely drawn much of a queue.
The idea of a virtual reality coaster was first tested in California this past summer by Six Flags for some its own aging coasters, with additional coasters nationwide set to receive the innovation in the 2017 season. 
It's cheaper than building a new attraction, which also SeaWorld did this year with the construction of a well-received steel coaster, Mako. 
SeaWorld recently announced that due to declining attendance, it was suspending the payment of dividends to its shareholders.