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Snacks Are Back On United Airlines

Well here's some news that may put a smile on your face (just as it's moving your belt buckle an inch more towards your hips). United Airlines has announced that it will be bringing back free snacks to "thousands of its flights" beginning in February of 2016. Just which of those flights hasn't been specified, though the snacks have been revealed.

Morning travelers (before 9:45 am departures) will be getting a waffle sandwich: two thin waffles with a layer of caramel in between. Shhhh: don't tell your cardiologist. Later in the day snacks are slightly healthier: either a bag of pretzels or one of two Asian-style snacks (either rice crackers or a bag that mixes sesame sticks and wasabi peas). The goodies will be available in economy class.

Earlier this month, United restored full meal service, in all cabins, on flights between Latin America and the United States.

Two months ago, United posted a profit of $1.7 billion for the third quarter this financial year, compared with a mere $1.08 billion the same quarter a year before.