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Snapchat Becomes More Traveler-Friendly

"You and your selfies!" I kidded to my teenage daughter as she struck a pose for what seemed like the tenth time in an hour and then clicked away on her smartphone. "Mom I'm not taking selfies," was the exasperated response. "These are Snapchats which are totally different. You make yourself sound really old not knowing the difference."


Not that any of Frommer's readers are "really old," but just in case you don't know the difference: Snapchat are photos that are sent to other users who can then look at them for a scant 3 seconds before they disappear.

The problem for travelers with this app, however, is that the photos appear whenever Snapchat is on, and their download can incur hefty roaming charges. (At home, a lot of users found themselves accidentally going over their data limits, thanks to the app).

But just this week, Snapchat instituted a new "Travel Mode." When users turn it on, they'll have the ability to choose which snapchats to download and which to save for later. Once opened, the Snapchat will still quickly self-implode, but the opening will no longer have to be in real time.

I just told my daughter about the app, which she thinks is "really, really cool".

And suddenly I'm feeling a bit less old.