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Southwest Airlines Celebrating Its 50th Birthday with $50 Fares | Frommer's Jeramey Lende /

Southwest Airlines Celebrating Its 50th Birthday with $50 Fares

At my 50th birthday party, a friend noted that this would likely be the last big celebration of my life—until my funeral.

Yes, that came from a friend.

But not all birthday wishes have to be as bleak. So we'll celebrate Southwest Airlines turning the big 5-0, and pay only passing notice to the millions of dollars U.S. airlines are losing each week—the very situation that's likely persuading Southwest to mark its birthday with discounts that probably wouldn't be so deep if carriers weren't desperate for passengers.

In any case, Southwest's current sale is a doozy, with one-way flights for as low as $50 between Chicago and Nashville, Phoenix and Long Beach (CA), as well as other city pairs.

Even better savings are available on longer itineraries like Seattle to Oahu for $120; Orlando, Florida, to San Juan, Puerto Rico, for $120; and Houston to Cancún for $175. (We should note that under current rules, flying outside of the U.S. means a quarantine upon return to the United States).

Flights must be booked by midnight CT on February 8, with the deepest savings for trips that end before June. Prices don't include taxes and fees, but since this is Southwest there are no bag fees, and all tickets can be changed without additional charges.

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