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Spirit Airlines Gouges for Checked Bags This December

You call this Christmas spirit, Spirit? The much-reviled airline will renew its nasty regulation this December when it charges passengers even more to check a bag—just because it's Christmas

Between December 18 and January 5, the airline hikes the price by $2. Now casual passengers pay between $32 (booked online) to $102 (if they wait until they get to the gate).

Not because fuel costs more then. But because flights are popular at that time of year. And because it can.

It's just another reason not to be tempted into booking a ticket on Spirit Airlines despite the fact it may appear to be the cheapest airline among your search results. Considering even carry-ons start at $35 (up to $100 at the gate), it quickly becomes very clear that Spirit Airlines is in fact no bargain.

If you are unfortunate enough to be a frequent flyer on this opportunistic company and are a member of its $9 Fare Club, the extra fee will be waived.

The airline claims it's charging the added amount "to make sure we have room for everyone's bags."

Bah, humbug.