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Spirit Airlines Shrinking Size Allowed for Carry-On Personal Item

Air-travel horror-story generator Spirit Airlines has quietly reintroduced a policy it dropped last spring due to customer outrage.

Starting on April 1, the one personal item you're allowed to bring onboard for free must be no larger than 18 inches by 14 inches by 8 inches—40 inches total—and that includes handle and wheels.

Up to now, that item, such as a purse or backpack you can fit underneath the seats, could be as big as 42 inches. 

The reduction may not sound like much, but every millimeter counts on an airplane, especially given that Spirit charges passengers for both checked and carry-on baggage. 

On the bright side, the carrier says it's working on a mobile upgrade. It currently has no smartphone app, and every passenger still has to print out boarding passes on paper.

Also, Spirit will join TSA's PreCheck program in November, allowing passengers with clearance to use speedy security lines at the airport.