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Stay in an Old English Textile Mill That's Now An Eco-Friendly Spa | Frommer's Titanic Spa

Stay in an Old English Textile Mill That's Now An Eco-Friendly Spa

In 1911, a new wool mill was built in Linthwaite, between Leeds and Manchester in Yorkshire, England. It was the same year as RMS Titanic, that fateful ship, was built, and out of the same technological optimism, the mill became known locally as Titanic Mill.

Fast forward 100 years, and this large moody building became derelict following the decline of the woolen textile industry. Here it is in 1946:

That's when developers saw the chance to turn it into something special: Titanic Spa.

Today, this historic old mill's personality is totally different. It's an eco-friendly spa treatment center with a heat-and-ice experience that includes a cold-water plunge pool, steam rooms, saunas, an ice room, foot baths, experience showers, indoor heated swimming pool, and an outdoor hot tub.

Guests can stay overnight in one of the apartments, and enjoy breakfast, lunch and evening meal in the bistro (pictured below).

It’s a far cry from its grimy industrial past, and it’s heartening to see a historic building being re-used with a new purpose. 

Prices range £45 to £445 (US $55–542) depending on the package.

Driving to the mill is probably the easiest, but travelers can also reach it by train. From London, take the train from Euston to Manchester Piccadilly station. Then take a train from Manchester to Slaithwaite, Huddersfield. The 181 bus leaves Huddersfield town center and stops at Hoyle House Fold Chapel Hill. The spa is a ten-minute walk from there.

(All contemporary photos are by Titanic Spa)