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Steeply Discounted Dude Ranch Vacations in Arizona  | Frommer's Tombstone Monument Ranch

Steeply Discounted Dude Ranch Vacations in Arizona

We may not be able to travel in the coming weeks, but there's no rule against planning travel for the future. The key is to make smart decisions.

That's why we were so pleased to see the following deals come down the transom. Not only are the prices remarkable (a 40% savings on both), but also, each comes with no-questions-asked cancellations for full refunds, meaning they're absolutely risk-free, financially.

They are also nature-oriented vacations, which means that social distancing is baked into the equation, so no matter when you might plan to go, there's less risk on that front, too.

The first is offered by the Tombstone Monument Ranch (pictured), a picture-perfect re-creation of an 1880s Western town, down to the themed facades on some of the buildings. It's located a two-hour drive from Phoenix. Units each have their own building, meaning you might be staying in "the jail" or "the courthouse." But don't worry: Your bed won't be behind bars. Instead, the guest rooms have all the modern conveniences, are neat as a pin, and sport handsome contemporary Western furnishings.

The ranch's book-now, travel-later discountĀ starts at $189 per night, which covers the room, a made-to-order breakfast, a 90-minute horseback ride, and all the house beer and wine you can slug back in the old-timey saloon. Guests can also make use of the archery range and equipment, go hiking (there are some wonderful trails nearby), and engage in other outdoorsy activities. Click here to book or to get more information, such as the dates that are still available.

Proximity to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon is the biggest selling point at theĀ Grand Canyon Ranch Resort, but that's just the beginning. Visitors get their own cute-as-kittens cabins with such cowboy touches as stoves in the rooms and porches with rocking chairs. Here, the deal is on the room rate only (starting at $199/night). You'll pay extra for booze, helicopter rides over the canyon, and horseback rides. But the nightly campfire, complete with cowboy songs and poetry, is covered by a resort fee. To learn more about this option, including all of the relevant dates, click here.

The Western Rim is controlled by the Hualapai Tribe, who have built a famous glass skywalk over part of the canyon. Some love this addition, while others find it intrusive (either way, it's scary to look down). You'll find fewer yet quieter hiking trails in this part of the Grand Canyon than in areas operated by the National Park Service.

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