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Taiwan Impressions, Day 1: Odd Signs, Odder Fish and Bathrooms That Hum

I recently returned from a trip to Taiwan, my third in a year and a half. And, as before, I had a number of experiences that surprised and delighted me. I wasn't there to write an article on the country (I was in Taipei for my radio show). But habits die hard, and for me, my habit is to take notes. So, for the next several days, I'll post those scattered impressions here, in the hope that they will add up to an informative whole.

Day 1: How I know I'm in Taipei:

1) I just passed a salon with the name (in English) "Hairs Know"

2) When I put my keycard into the power slot for the hotel room, not only do the lights go on, my toilet starts to hum as the seat warms up

3) I ordered what I thought were sardine -ike fish for dinner, and got little critters whose flesh was like caviar, hundreds of tiny, beady pops. It was surreal, and a bit disturbing. I don't know how a fish swims when its cells don't seem to meld together.

4) All gold rushes have the same history and the same types of winners and losers. Read about Taiwan's gold rush if you don't believe me (went to one of the areas where gold was found today).