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Texas Gets a Temporary Drive-Through Zoo  | Frommer's Scott Miller/Flickr

Texas Gets a Temporary Drive-Through Zoo

Las Vegas has drive-through wedding chapels. Memphis has a drive-through convenience store. A Connecticut law firm located in a former fast food restaurant even uses its drive-up window for legal consultations

But it took "corona creativity" to convert a regular zoo into a pop-up, drive-through zoo.

The San Antonio Zoo in Texas decided to create a driving route through the facility for a weekend fundraising event. After tickets sold out in hours, the zoo extended the idea through May 17.

Visitors pay $60 per car for entry, which also grants access to an audio guide that narrates the view. The focus is on larger animals, not surprisingly, since customers don't get very close to them ("Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Let's Drive"—yup, that's the slogan for the event).

Cars move at a sloth-slow 4 miles per hour, so the entire route takes between 30 minutes and an hour. The best way to do it, I think, is in a convertible or sitting in the bed of a pickup truck—since animals are inside their enclosures, both those types of vehicles are allowed.

While drive-through animal attractions (such as the 53-year-old Lion Country Safari) are dotted around the U.S., many remain closed, and it's pretty unusual to get to drive your car around an actual zoo designed for pedestrians.

Sadly, visitors are not allowed to bring their own cats along to meet the big cats—apparently people really did ask about taking pets, and a definitive "no" had to be issued.

For more on the temporary attraction, give this video a look-see.