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This Incredible Piece of Luggage Earned $1.3 Million in a Month: Want One, Too?

Check this out: A newly invented piece of luggage just collected an astounding $1.36 million in a little over a month on crowdfunding site Indiegogo—and when you hear what it can do, that number might seem a little low.

Bluesmart is not the most intuitive name for cutting-edge luggage, but hold on, because it gets better. 

As designed by first-year MIT student Brian Chen, this carry-on luggage links with your smartphone and can be locked and unlocked remotely, weigh itself, alert you when it strays too far from you, and charge up your smartphone using its powerful built-in battery. A special side pocket stores electronics so you can whip them out for security inspection, and the dimensions ensure it'll fit in the overhead compartment. (And we thought luggage that bakes stowaway bedbugs was a wild idea!).

If you're in the mood, you can also use Bluesmart to pack clothes for a trip. 

Bluesmart, which will now enter that tenuous manufacturing phase that has tripped up many a crowdsourced idea, currently sells for $260. Here's a promotional video produced by its maker: