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TripAdvisor Adopts No-Touching-Wild-Animals Policy

As of yesterday, TripAdvisor is no longer selling tickets to attractions that allow customers to come into physical contact with wild, captive, or endangered animals

That means no more swimming with dolphins, riding elephants, or petting tigers—at least not through the travel-review site's booking firm, Viator. 

The move was welcomed by conservation groups and animal-welfare activists, who argue that many companies offering interactions with animals—particularly in areas with little to no governmental oversight—treat the creatures in their care with cruelty, subjecting them to brutal training programs, doping, and other abuses.

Though TripAdvisor is banning ticket sales to such attractions, the site will continue to list reviews of them. All listings that involve interactions with wildlife, however, will soon be linked to an education portal with information on animal welfare practices and tips from conservation groups.