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Trump's Budget Calls for Privatizing Air Traffic Control

One of the travel-related items in President Donald Trump's budget proposal for fiscal year 2018 is a provision to privatize the U.S. air traffic control system

Right now, air traffic control is one of the functions of the Federal Aviation Administration. Trump would like to turn that duty over to an "independent, non-governmental organization." 

Privatization has the approval of the major U.S. airlines as well as the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, which represents 14,000 members. They say the FAA's project to upgrade how the skies are organized is going too slowly because it requires yearly reauthorization from Congress.

Many congressional legislators, however, oppose putting a private business in charge of directing air traffic, primarily for safety concerns. Small airports are also against the move, for fear that major airlines would dominate the system and force them to pay more to be a part of it.