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TSA Says You Can Fly with an Expired Driver's License | Frommer's David Tran Photo/ Shutterstock

TSA Says You Can Fly with an Expired Driver's License

In an announcement overlooked by many amid the coronavirus hubbub, the TSA has said that for a limited time passengers may use expired driver's licenses to get through airport security. Licenses can be expired for up to a full year and remain eligible. The agency made the temporary policy change public in a single tweet

Not many of us are traveling right now, but the allowance will extend for two months "after the COVID-19 national emergency." 

The TSA did not stipulate how we'll know the exact date when the national emergency will be considered officially over and the countdown clock will begin, but we expect that once that's decided, more information will appear on the agency's official coronavirus web page.

Update, January 2021: The U.S. government has updated its guidance to be clearer and more flexible: No matter when a license expires, "TSA will accept expired driver’s licenses or state-issued ID a year after expiration." Most states are fulfilling renewals by mail or with limited personal contact.