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U.S. National Parks Are Free on MLK, Jr. Day | Frommer's Pauline Frommer

U.S. National Parks Are Free on MLK, Jr. Day

Savings alert! On Monday, January 20, 2020, all American national parks will be free to enter.

It's part of the National Park Service's regular schedule of free days, which are designed to encourage people to get out and explore their natural wonders.

On that day, parks that normally charge an entrance fee (like Yosemite, pictured, which normally takes in $35 per car) will simply wave you through with a smile. Other fees, such as for tours or for parking (at the few units where it's charged) will still be in effect.

You'll find a list of the parks that normally charge admission fees here. 

The next free day will be April 18, 2020, the start of National Parks Week.