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Video Appears to Show Vandals Destroying Beloved Oregon Rock Formation

From the this-is-why-we-can't-have-nice-things department:

Video has surfaced that appears to show vandals in coastal Oregon destroying an iconic rock formation by pushing it over.

Located in Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area, the 7- by 10-foot pedestal, commonly known as "the duckbill," was originally thought to have toppled due to erosion and weather.

But then a guy named David Kalas came forward with his footage suggesting otherwise.

The frequently photographed rock was separated by a fence and warning signs that were supposed to keep visitors away, but the barrier and postings were frequently ignored—on some occasions leading to fatal falls from the surrounding bluffs.


Park officials and state police say they're investigating the video to determine how to respond. Anybody who might have helped destroy the rock could face a fine of up to $435.