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Virgin America Releases the Grooviest In-Flight Safety Video of All Time

A few weeks ago, Air New Zealand bent the rules of due diligence by bringing out an uproarious in-flight safety video featuring Betty White and Gavin McLeod and set at a retirement village. (Click here to see that hilariously daring segment.)

Now Virgin America has upped the game with its own entrant that'll appeal to the other end of the age scale. It may be the grooviest, sassiest, pop-and-lockiest safety lecture ever recorded.

Sure, it hits all the federally mandated points, and even gets in some inside jokes familiar to habituées of Virgin America's previous safety videos (the eye-rolling instructions for using a seat belt, for example, and a funky nun). But it does it with style.

Frequent flyers may be hard to stay awake during the safety video, but on VA flights, they may soon find it even more difficult to knock this kicky earworm out of their heads.

It's just a pity that the rules about in-flight electronics have changed since this was filmed. Let's hope that they can find an easy fix to that rule tweak. It would be a shame to jettison this jam.