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Watch Betty White's New In-Flight Safety Video for Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand, an airline known for its celeb-studded safety videos (which have featured Richard Simmons and, erm, some hobbits, managed to convince TV legend Betty White to do its brand new in-flight safety for the A320. The four-minute segment is set at a sunny retirement village and titled "Safety Old School Style.

Now Miss White—born in 1922, 35 years before the first jet was even in passenger service—will be the one responsible for getting passengers to pay attention to the obligatory safety announcements. 

“Air New Zealand has a global reputation for creating unique in-flight safety videos," the press release quotes White as saying. "When the opportunity came up to be involved in this project, I couldn’t say no. We had a lot of fun on set and I think we’ve shown that it doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s important to live life to the fullest."

Gavin MacLeod, her co-star from The Mary Tyler Moore Show, also makes an appearance in the video. Shouldn't he be doing the annoucements for The Love Boat?

It's good to know a 91-year-old can still do her own stunts—as long as they're publicity stunts. And you have to admit—it's pretty hilarious.