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WATCH: British Airways's New Star-Studded Safety Video

Here's the thing about cutesy airplane safety videos: They're pretty charming the first time you see them, and there's some residual enjoyment to be gained the second or even third time around. But with any viewings after that—especially if they come close together—you're ready to scream, "ENOUGH WITH THE JOKES! JUST TELL ME WHERE THE EXITS ARE!!"

So if you fly British Airways a lot, you may not want to watch the carrier's new safety video below, lest you get burned out on it ahead of schedule. 

If you're willing to risk it, you'll be rewarded with appearances by a slew of celebrities pretending to audition for the clip. The famous faces include those belonging to Rowan Atkinson, Thandie Newton, Gillian Anderson, Gordon Ramsay (yes, he cusses), Jim Broadbent, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Ian McKellen, who somehow manages to make a straightforward description of overhead oxygen masks sound both beautiful and moving.


In addition to the safety purposes of the video, it promotes Flying Start, a charity partnership between British Airways and Comic Relief that raises money to "help children living incredibly tough lives around the world."

So it's all for a good cause.

The video will start airing on British Airways flights in September.