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WATCH: SNL's Brutal Takedown of Southwest Airlines | Frommer's NBC

WATCH: SNL's Brutal Takedown of Southwest Airlines

America has very few true "water cooler" shows anymore that everyone talks about after they air. Heck, with so many people working from home and not from offices, America doesn't seem to have many water coolers anymore, and often it feels as if no one shares the same culture at all.

Saturday Night Live, though, surely ranks among the last few unifying cultural experiences that people like discussing, at least online.

Last weekend, led by guest host Michael B. Jordan (pictured above), the show's cast and writers got around to skewering Southwest Airlines' recent pathetic performance and outdated systems with a brutal parody.

The withering satire came in the form of one of the long-running comedy show's pre-taped fake commercials.  

We don't like spoiling jokes, so we won't give away the punchlines.  

To see what you missed, watch the 2-minute segment below. (For subtitles, click the CC icon at the bottom of the video.)