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White Cliffs of Dover and Other Tourist Sites Facing Extinction

Scientists revealed this week that the famous White Cliffs of Dover in England are eroding at a rate of 12 inches per year—10 times faster than they were losing ground before humankind began making changes to the coastline in the last 150 years. 

In case that piece of bad news has you hankering for more, Britain's Daily Mail has rounded up several more priceless world treasures facing extinction due to "climate change, deforestation, tourism, and industry." They include:

Venice, which is sinking;

the Great Wall of China, which is crumbling;

the Dead Sea, which is drying up;

the Maldives, which are being swallowed up by rising ocean levels;

and Montana's Glacier National Park, which is melting.

The future looks a little dimmer now, doesn't it?