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World's Best Museums Ban Selfie Sticks


Leave the selfie stick at home. Attractions across the world are banishing the selfie stick for being so awful.

Britain's Telegraph reports that institutions everywhere are telling visitors they no longer tolerate the telescoping, hand-held smartphone holders. Why? Basically, because people can be so terrible with them. The museums are worried that careless tourists could damage the art, antiquities, or skulls of nearby patrons. Meanwhile, sporting venues are worried they could be used to bludgeon rival fans, which is why many European sporting fields have a new no-stick policy.

So if you've got a selfie stick, don't bring them to these joints (and the list is growing) named by the Telegraph. They're only some of the most prestigious institutions in the world:

Museum of Modern Art, New York City
Getty Center, Los Angeles
National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC
Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC
Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, New York City
Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas
Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Providence, RI

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

South Korea has already severely restricted the use of selfie sticks that are equipped with Bluetooth shutter triggers.

Rumor has it New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and Guggenheim are also on the cusp of banning them, so with impressive swiftness, the once-ubiquitous selfie stick is becoming antisocial and uncool.


Photo credit: Larry Miller/Flickr