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World's Biggest Indoor Ski Resort Opens in China

A city in China has a new must-visit spot for those who love skiing but could do without the fresh air and mountain scenery.

The Harbin Wanda Indoor Ski and Winter Sports Resort is being billed as the largest facility of its kind, extending across more than 860,000 square feet and six ski runs—all of them inside. There are slopes for winter athletes of all abilities, including beginners, as well as a snow play area and an indoor chairlift. 

The main run is 197 feet wide and 1,640 feet long—making it the world's fourth longest indoor ski slope (number one is in Dubai, of course).

(Harbin Wanda Park; photo: Instagram / @mandarinata)

The new complex—part of a project that also includes a theme park, shopping center, hotels, and live music venues—is located in the northern Chinese city of Harbin, famous for its very cold, very long winters and its annual International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, a showcase for enormous frozen castles, monuments, animals, and other elaborate creations. 

An adult ticket at the new indoor ski resort costs 488 yuan (US$72) for unlimited use of the slopes.