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World's Longest, Highest Glass-Bottom Bridge Closes for Renovations

Zhangjiagie glass bridge in China (photo: skytg24hd/Instagram)

That was quick.

On Friday the world's longest and highest glass-bottom bridge, located in China's Zhangjiagie mountains, closed—just 13 days after it opened to the public on August 20.  

Officials say that the record-breaking structure, which stretches 430 meters (1,411 feet) across a drop of 300 meters (984 feet), was overwhelmed by the volume of tourists trying to cross it. Though daily capacity was capped at 8,000 people, demand was 10 times that.


Reportedly no cracks have been found in the glass surface, but management already needs to make improvements nonetheless, updating parking, ticketing, customer service, and other systems.

No word yet on when the bridge will reopen.