If you feel your city sightseeing hasn't done enough to test your balance and core strength lately, here's a good remedy: a new way to see San Antonio.

Local company SUP SATX now offers lessons and tours in standup paddleboarding—which involves standing or kneeling on a surfboard while using an oar to propel yourself forward—along the city's namesake waterway.

After a 30-minute lesson, paddlers set off with guides on an hourlong trip through the historic King William District, passing elaborate 19th-century mansions, parks, and, of course, the famous San Antonio River Walk.

The 90-minute lesson-and-tour combo costs $45 for one person, $80 if you book for two. If you don't need the lesson, you can get a one-hour tour on its own for $30 for one person, $50 for two.

All equipment is included. Contact SUP SATX for more information or to reserve a spot.

To make an even bigger display of yourself, ask about the company's standup paddleboard yoga classes, held right on the water.

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