Rental Car Rates Could Zoom Sky-High Thanks to Lobbyists

By Jason Cochran

Posted on 09/13/2017, 3:15 AM

Today, the American Car Rental Association (ACRA), a lobbying group for the car rental industry, is wrapping up its annual Washington, D.C. "Legislative Conference," during which it plots its political agenda and schmoozes lawmakers to help make it happen. But some of its battles against consumer protections have already been won on the state level. AutoSlash, the discount car rental aggregator, r...

Record Number of July 4th Travelers Expected

By Zac Thompson

Posted on 06/28/2016, 2:45 AM

A record 43 million Americans are expected to travel during Independence Day weekend (Thursday, June 30-Monday, July 4). And according to AAA, a whopping 84% of them will be traveling by car. You can credit low gas prices and a pretty strong domestic economy—two good things you might find yourself cursing as you try to navigate the nation's clogged highways. All told, the number of travelers is...

Wheels Not Wings: Three Tools To Help You Plan Better Bus, Train and Car Trips

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 05/27/2014, 9:30 PM

With the cost of airfare going up, up and away, many vacationers will be traveling closer to the ground this summer. If you’re one of them, here are three websites that could make your time on the road far more pleasant and cost effective. A website devoted to both planes and trains, it made a strategic partnership in late May with Greyhound, making it the only website—be...

Go to Canada for $40? Uses the Web to Make Ride Shares Safer

By Jason Cochran

Posted on 05/17/2013, 10:30 PM

With summer travel inflating the price of transit, it's worth looking into alternatives. A Canadian website called Kangaride matchmakes passengers and drivers with affordable ride shares in both Canada and the United States. Anyone who has extra space in their car and a road trip on their calendar can pick up some extra cash by picking up an extra passenger. Drivers set the prices, which a...

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