The Changing Situation of Married vs. Unmarried Folk Is Affecting Tours

By Arthur Frommer

Posted on 11/06/2017, 6:00 PM

In a surprising announcement, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that fully 50 percent of America’s adult population now consists of unmarried single people. And because another smaller percentage of the population is married people who nonetheless prefer to travel alone, the result is that more than half of our adult population are persons who travel without a spouse. That interesting f...

A Cautionary Tale on the Importance of Cultural Sensitivity for Travelers

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 06/17/2015, 9:15 PM

On June 12, two Canadian families, one Dutch family and a British family, exhaled. Several weeks earlier their 20-something aged children had gone to Malaysia, climbed Mount Kinabalu and in, celebration of getting to the top, took nude selfies which they then posted on social media. What could have been merely a self-indulgent act became a criminal one when an earthquake hit the mountain, ...

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